Thai Visa Options

December 1, 2012

Thai Visa

Thai Visa Options

There are a number of options to look at when considering which Thai Visa to get when it comes to a single entry Thai business visa or a multiple entry Thai business visa . Each has advantages and disadvantages. We have listed the costs as being the main factor however it might be the ease which you appreciate more.

Also note that a single entry business visa is normally easier obtain if you have never had one before compared to a multiple entry business visa. The Thai embassy looks at the paperwork much more than a single entry. If you are wanting to ensure that you can obtain a multiple entry business visa then you need to seek the advice of an immigration lawyer about the requirements for the business visa and how best to satisfy the Thai embassy who is going to issue the visa for you.

 Look at the options and decide for yourself.

Staying in Thailand using single- and multi-entry visas



Cost Single-Entry

Cost Multiple-Entry

Visit to Penang including transport, hotel, food, etc

6,000 baht

6,000 baht

Non-immigrant visa

2,000 baht ($50)

5,000 baht ($125)

One extension of stay at local Immigration office

1,900 baht

Four visa runs (2,000 baht each)

8,000 baht


9,900 baht ($250) for 120 days (83 baht per day)

19,000 baht ($475) for 485 days (40 baht per day)



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