Thai Business Visa

December 1, 2012

Thai Visa

Obtaining a “B” Visa or Thai Business Visa has become complicated of late as the rules for the work permits have changed. Obtaining a “B” of Business Visa normally requires an invite from a Thai company so that a “B” visa may be issued to you for the purposes of obtaining a Thai work permit.

Thai Business Visa

Thai Business Visa There are exceptions and it is best to speak to an attorney as to the options with regards to this visa type. The “B” Visa is meant for business in Thailand. Many people call it a Thai work visa however it is not as it does not give you the right to work in Thailand. It is only the first step to working in Thailand as you still require a work permit. The Business Visa is a non-immigrant visa. It is normally only issued for 3 months which gives you time to apply for your work permit. It was common before for multiple entry business visas to be issued however that has been stopped at Thai Consulates and Thai Embassies in Asia more than 4 years ago. Some embassies now require that you show a letter of appointment from your company or employer before they issue you a Thai business visa.The multiple entry business visas have 4 ‘legs’ to them. That is every 3 months you would have to leave the country by doing a visa run and return to activate the next leg of the visa. These multiple entry visas are good for just over 1 year however they are be coming difficult to obtain without a Thai company sponsoring the visa.

If you have a company in Thailand you are able to apply for a Thai work permit if you meet the financial and capitalisation requirements for the work permit. Alternatively as a teacher or consultant the company or school will issue you the needed paperwork to apply for the “B” visa and then a work permit in Thailand .Speak to one of our online consultants today, call our toll free US or UK numbers or come to any of our offices in Thailand for a discussion as to your options.

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  1. Erekosima Diepiriye Deborah Says:

    I am a business woman in Nigeria. I sell baby clothes in Nigeria i want an invitation letter from a reputable baby clothes manufacturer in Thailand so I can come to Thailand to discuss business. looking forward from hearing from you.


    • Consultant Says:

      You must have an established business dealings with a Thai company who can provide you the invitation letter and other required documents when you apply for the visa. Unfortunately, we are unable to refer you to any Thai company whom you can conduct business with.

      For reference on the visa requirements, you may check the page 8 of the document below:

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