Single Entry Business Visa

December 1, 2012

Thai Visa

Single Entry Business Visa The single entry business visa is a visa issued by a Thai Consulate or Thai Embassy abroad for the express purpose of the applicant, being you, applying for work in Thailand. The single entry business visa is valid for 3 months when you enter the Kingdom. Once this time lapses you have to depart Thailand. The Business visa cannot be extended in Thailand unless you are applying for a work permit.  Only a work permit will extend this visa.

The 90 days or 3 months given to you by the single entry business visa allows you time to either apply for a work permit alternatively complete whichever task it is that you need to have done in Thailand such as attended a business meeting or making a once off sales presentation. You can obtain a multiple entry business visa but this is becoming very difficult to obtain as the Thai government has started to clamp down on what they view as an abuse of the visa system. See the requirements for a business visa in Thailand. As stated for a single entry business visa you would need to show documentation from the company that will be applying for your work permit and/or a letter from a Thai company wanting to sponsor your visa. Also note that for the work permit you need a letter from the Thai Labor Department to state that you will be applying for a work permit once the business visa has been obtained as there will be no problems with the work permit application.

Speak to us online about your business visa in Thailand and how best to obtain the visa and the work permit once you have the business visa. Speak to us online now or visit our main website for more information.

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  1. Md Rezwanul Abedin Says:

    I want to attend Global Rubber Conference, 2016. They send me an invitation letter for Business visa. Do I need police verification?


    • Consultant Says:

      Kindly get in touch with the Thai embassy or consulate where you plan to submit your application to inquire if they require a police clearance for your Business Visa application.

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