Requirements for Business Visa – Teaching

December 1, 2012

Thai Visa

If you are planing on teaching in Thailand and you need to apply for a work permit then you need to obtain a business visa first. These are the current requirements for the business visa if you want to teach in Thailand. These requirements do change so ask around about the current requirements of the business visa application.

You need to supply these documents with your visa application:


  • Your Passport with validity of not less than 6 months;
  • The completed visa application form;
  • Recent passport-sized photograph (4 x 6 cm) which was taken within the past 6 months;
  • Letter of acceptance from your Thai school or business in Thailand;
  • Also a letter of approval from government such as the Office of the Private Education;
  • Evidence of your educational qualifications such as diplomas or certificates;
  • Also the school license or business registration, list of shareholders and a profile of the school;
  • Copy of your resume;
  • A police certificate verifying that you have no criminal record (speak to your embassy)


These are the requirements which was last updated in 2007 and it is now standard for teaching in Thailand and obtaining your business visa for your work permit. Have a question – speak to us on our main website or on live chat in the side bar.

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2 Responses to “Requirements for Business Visa – Teaching”

  1. jasbir singh Says:

    We want to register my business office in Thailand. What are the formalities? We are in import and export business in India.


    • Consultant Says:

      The procedures in registering a business in Thailand depends on the structure of the company that you wish to establish. If you wish to have more information regarding the company structure applicable to your business, kindly send an email to for further assistance.

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