Multiple Entry Business Visa

December 1, 2012

Thai Visa

Multiple Entry Business Visa The Multiple Entry Thai business visa is a visa issued for more than 3 months. The embassy or consulate normally issues the multiple entry business visa for 12 months or 4 ‘legs’. When you enter Thailand the first ‘leg’ is activated and you are given 3 months or 90 days before that leg of the visa expires. Before expiration of the leg you have to do a visa run to activate the next ‘leg’ on the visa. Each entry’s expiry date (89 days later) can be extended at an Immigration office in Thailand for 30 days at a cost of 1,900 baht, although most people choose to do visa runs

A multi-entry non-immigrant visa does not allow you to stay in Thailand for one year, a very common misunderstanding. It only allows you to visit Thailand multiple times within a one-year period, with stays of up to 90 days.  You must leave Thailand after each 90-day period. Obtaining this visa has become very difficult over the last few years as requirements have changed and the Thai consulates are becoming very hesitant in issuing a Business Visa. If you are planing on staying in Thailand for 3 months only you can apply for a tourist visa. If you have a Thai wife then you can also apply for a 3 month marriage visa. There are a number of options available outside of the business visa. We have listed the requirements for the business visa on this website but you can ask us any questions you might have on live chat or visit our main website for more details.
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